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Safety Signages Used in Construction and Demolition Projects

Have you ever observed the numerous safety signages attached to the construction and demolition job sites? Well, these are the safety measures required in local workplace regulations.

Safety signs are also placed in TMA. Traffic Management Plan (TMA) is usually necessary to identify traffic hazards and determine what signage measures are required. In Marco Demolition and Concrete Cutting, they ensure client and their staff safety and protection in all there demolition projects.

Health and safety regulations focus on safety requirements, including increased worker visibility, billboards, and signage.

What is the purpose of safety signages?

The primary objective of safety signages is to deliver information through symbols and reinforcing safety messages with written text. It helps to figure out and warn individuals exposed to hazardous circumstances in the job site. Familiarizing the different safety signals raises your awareness in preventing possible accidents, injuries, or other dangerous events.

What are the different types of safety signages used in construction and demolition works?

Signages about – Danger signs

Purpose: A visual signal that informs individuals of hazardous activities currently happening in that area is life-threatening. Its content usually consists of a red oval and black background underneath it. Plus, the word DANGER on white letterings. This safety signage is common in construction and demolition projects.

Examples of danger signs:

  • High voltage 
  • Confined spaces
  • Asbestos
  • Demolition in progress

Signages about – Warning signs

Purpose: Gives warning information against volatile conditions that are not likely life-threatening. However, it would help if you were cautious because you can still get hurt. These safety signals consist of a noticeable yellow background with a thick black outline around the symbol. When doing a big demolition project, warning signs are important for the safety of everyone in the construction site.

Example of warning signs:

  • Slippery when wet
  • Boiling water
  • Forklifts

Signages about – Prohibition signs

Purpose: An indicator sign that an activity or behaviour shown in public places is not permitted. It’s generally recognizable signages consist of a red circle with the diagonal red line in the centre and a black symbol inside of it. In crowded places like school or malls, an ongoing demolition works requires prohibition signs for outsiders. 

Example of prohibition signs:

  • No smoking
  • Camera and phones prohibited
  • No food and drinks allowed
  • No littering

Signages about – Mandatory signs

Purpose: These signages aim to instruct the people around the site. Its appearance is centred with a blue circle with a white background. The labelled short text is displayed below.

Examples of mandatory signages:

  • Must wear foot protection
  • Must wear eye protection 
  • Must wear high visibility clothing

Signages about – Restriction signs

Purpose: Place a required limit on an activity. The circle is surrounded by a white background and the labelled text below. Sometimes, the marked text with numerical signs.

Examples of restriction signs:

  • Vehicle weight
  • Speed limit
  • Height limit

Signages about – Emergency information signs

Purpose: Provide the nearest location or direction to the related emergency facilities when things go wrong. Its appearance consists of a green background with pictographs and text in the middle.

Examples of emergency information signs:

  • First aid kit station
  • Hand sanitizer station
  • Eyewash station 
  • Emergency telephone

Signages about – Fire prevention signs

Purpose: Instruct you to the nearest location where the fire equipment is present. The spottable bright red appearance with its contrasting white pictographs and labels help people to see them clearly,

Example of fire prevention signs:

  • Fire exits
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire alarm
  • Fire blanket
Safety Signages Used in Construction and Demolition Projects I Chris P on Pixabay

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