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Proper Waste Management Is Important for Every Demolition Projects

We all know that demolition projects are one of the messiest nature of the job. Whether the small or large size of the job site, it can be harmful to the environment and the human as well. Its various factors can trigger the health and safety of every individual. The reason why proper waste management is very crucial for every demolition job site. Below, we stated the different effects that can bring to its surroundings.

Effects of construction waste on the environment

1. Soil contamination

2. Water contamination

3. Air contamination

4. Extreme impact of climate change

5. Harm towards human beings

Demolition contractors must conduct an initial evaluation for environmental impact assessment. Its purpose is to maintain an effective and harm-free job site. Here are the following reasons why proper waste management is important for every demolition projects:

3 Reasons why proper waste management is needed

1. Promote an eco-friendly environment

Some demolition companies overlook proper waste management due to meeting the tight deadline. But reputable professionals must maintain their responsibilities when it comes to implementing safety hazards. Cost-efficient post-demolition projects usually undergo the intensive cleanup process. It involves segregation and recycling the collected demolition waste.

2.  Cut down the disposal costs

Instead of putting them on landfill areas where hazardous disposal dumps space. There are many alternative ways to maintain proper waste management in the demolition job site. So, what are the alternatives to the landfill? You can use popular composting the materials or reuse, reduce, and recycling strategies. Various advanced demolition waste reduction method such as:

  • Waste-to-energy incineration
  • Modern Thermal Treatment with Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)
  • Advanced Thermal Treatment
  • Anaerobic digestion and so on

3. Create a safer job site for workers

Efficient initial proper waste management preparation for pre and post-demolition projects plays an important role when it comes to health and safety protection. Debris, glass, metals are common examples of hazardous demolition waste that can be found in the workplace. The demolition contractors must considerate in terms of securing and monitoring the surroundings to avoid possible accidents.

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3 Main Reasons Why Proper Waste Management Is Important for Every Demolition Projects l Barthelemy de Mazenod on Unsplash

To summarize up:

We have tackled the importance of having proper waste management in the demolition job site. Due to its messy nature of the job, it can bring negative effects of construction waste on the environment and to the community. Prioritizing the health and safety workplace for every worker is one of the main responsibilities of demolition contractors. Let’s take a short review of the important key points of this topic.

  • Promote eco-friendly environment
  • Cut down the disposal costs
  • Create a safer job site for workers

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