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Ontario’s Finest Demolition and Concrete Cutting Services

Finest Demolition and Concrete Cutting Services in Ontario

Are you looking for any demolition and concrete cutting services in Ontario? Our demolition and construction company has it all! We specialize in anything concrete works, including concrete cutting, concrete removal, demolition works, concrete coring, and concrete disposal.

With over decades of experience performing our professions in the demolition and concrete cutting industry, Marco Demolition lives with a mission of “Making Impossible Jobs Possible for Our Customers.” in serving numerous construction and demolition projects nationwide. We take pride in being currently happy in doing residential and commercial clients in Ontario and other parts of Canada. 

Concrete cutting in demolition and construction projects

Concrete cutting is an essential method when it comes to demolition and construction projects in Ontario. It indeed requires when you need to accommodate new or additional concrete features and structural installation. Whatever your concrete, cutting, and coring needs, our experienced team ensures we can safely remove the concrete removal project within your specific budget.

Concrete cutting in Marco Demolition 

From concrete slab to concrete wall sawing, core drilling, curb cutting, and wire sawing, our advanced machinery and equipment, as well as experienced technicians, not only just handle them. They hold it very well to the point which customers are mostly delighted. We have finished hundreds of concrete cutting projects under our belt. Our considerable experience in concrete cutting and demolition services has served and still serving both residential and reputable commercial clients in Ontario and all general states.

Concrete wall sawing and window cutting

Concrete sawing plays an integral part in construction and demolition projects. Whenever you need to add a new door or window opening, we have innovative, high-grade special tools and equipment. Also, we have the competitive expertise to deliver the project on the estimated, promised time. The accuracy of any size, straight, and smooth finished openings is we will be fully guaranteed.

Concrete coring

The precision with controlled concrete drilling needs to be done to leave a smooth surface. Concrete coring is widely used for ventilation opening creation, air ducts, pipes, wiring, and more.

Concrete removal, demolition, and waste disposal

Are you having headaches with your demolition or construction debris and junks? Worry no more. Marco Demolition offers prompt, safe, and reliable waste disposal by our professional crews. We can remove concrete structures of all sizes, from concrete slabs, floors, to structures that include concrete rebar. We take care of removing, demolition, disposal, and recycling of removed concrete and metal wastes.

In summary, our concrete cutting and demolition services in Ontario include:

  • Concrete cutting
  • Concrete removal
  • Concrete disposal
  • Concrete recycling
  • Concrete slab sawing
  • Wall sawing
  • Core drilling
  • Wire sawing
  • Curb cutting
  • Concrete demolition
  • GPR scanning
  • Asphalt cutting
  • Asphalt drive removal

So, why choose our demolition and concrete cutting services in Ontario?

Marco Demolition is recognized as one of the leading concrete cutting and demolition services in Ontario. It has become an integral part of most successful constructions, demolitions, and significant infrastructure development projects in Toronto. We worked with lots of various reputable clients in industrial and commercial establishments all over Canada.

Our extensive years of experience with the help of our highly skilled and well-trained professionals have made our company one of the industry’s most trusted. We make sure that projects are handled diligently and safely. Besides, we can make impossible things possible in our work lines—Carved and polished by our field’s years of service and expertise. So if you decided to hire us, we promise that the only thing you will have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy, do some fishing or do the things you love while we work to deliver satisfactory results for you.

Marco Demolition is a network of highly trained and skilled enough will manage them for you. Give us a call at 647 -570 -7077 or email us at to get your free quotations today.

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