Hand tools in Demolition Project

Different Kinds of Hand Tools Used for Small Demolition Projects

Before you take any small demolition projects, it is essential to determine first what is the right tool for taking down the object. These hand tools are useful especially in home renovation tasks. Its purpose is to make concrete materials to put down into pieces depending on their structure. In this article, we will take a look at different kinds of hand tools often used in demolition works.

1. Sledgehammer

Sledgehammer hand tools for demolition
Different Kinds of Hand Tools Used for Small Demolition Projects l Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

A heavy-duty hand tool where huge flat metal is attached at the end of the extensive wooden handle. When using sledgehammers, it requires a large amount of force by swinging it through the air to deliver an immense impact to a particular object. It is used in crushing the cement wall, shaping the metals, or smashing the concrete structures.

2. Crowbars

Different Kinds of Hand Tools Used for Small Demolition Projects l RS Pro Crow Bar

Crowbars are also known as wrecking bars, ripping bars, or prybars. Its iron lever appearance has a single metal with a curved end. Perfectly used for taking apart the two objects such as pulling out the old tiles and perverse nails in wood floorings, shingle roofs, or wall framings.

3. Reciprocating saw

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A type of machine-powered saw also known as Milwaukee Super Sawzall, a popular brand name for a reciprocating saw. Commonly used for cutting materials such as concretes, metals, roofs, pipes, and other structures. Moreover, it is also used for chopping down the branch, roots, or trunk of trees.

4. Framing Hammer

Different Kinds of Hand Tools Used for Small Demolition Projects l Proferred Hammer on Mechanidrive

Typically used for framing wooden structures, removing and putting the nails into the concrete woods. Same as sledgehammers, it requires high inertia to produce a powerful impact. Using this kind of hammer it needs full attention in striking the targeted nails. When it comes to the small demolition projects, a framing hammer is perfectly used for removing nails from the concrete woods.

5. Oscillating Multitool

Different Kinds of Hand Tools Used for Small Demolition Projects l Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

A multi-purpose hand tool with a metal cutting blade attached at the end of it. The purpose of this tool, a mechanical device designed for sanding, trimming, and cutting pipes. It can also be used in woods, screws, floorboards, metals, and other structures. You can also use this machinery in small demolition projects to remove the unnecessary structure in your home renovation, works.

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Wrapping it up

Sledgehammers, crowbars, reciprocating saw, framing hammer, and oscillating multitool are the common hand tool used by demolition contractors. Most DIYers for home renovations and other small demolition projects rely on these tools. They function as breaking down the structural features in a particular area where you want to demolish. As you can notice, their similarities rely on exerting energy to make a strong impact.

Work with professional demolition contractors

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