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Concrete Sawing and Core Drilling in Canada – Its Importance in Demolition Works

Residential and commercial demolition projects involve different deconstruction works. These demolition works perform concrete sawing and core drilling to remove excessive structures in various concrete materials such as asphalt, hardwoods, metals, steel, walls, ceilings, floorings, etc.

The main question that needs an answer:

What is the purpose of concrete cutting and coring in demolition? Why is it important? Let’s define the meaning of two widespread demolition works:

Concrete coring, also known as core drilling, is cutting concrete materials in any size of perfect circular diameter to achieve clean and precise cuts. Concrete coring is essential building structures such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, drainage, and so on. The cutting process produces non-percussive, dust-free, and minimal noise by utilizing the diamond cutting drill.

Core drilling is commonly applied to:

  • Aggregate analysis
  • Sewer drains
  • Floor drains
  • Electrical wirings opening
  • Handrail and anchor holes
  • Sewer tie-in
  • HVAC openings
  • Cables opening

While on the other hand, concrete sawing usually performs in demolition and construction works. Similar to core drilling, it also involves cutting and removing excessive structures. However, their primary difference varies no limitation in any required size.

Different equipment used in concrete sawing works:

  • Gas-powered saws – due to the portability and easy-to-use, it is the most popular equipment in concrete cutting works. Gas-powered saws are more powerful, unlike electric saws. However, this concrete cutting machine requires high maintenance.
  • Hydraulic saws – high-powered machinery that is convenient to use in concrete cutting works. They are capable of cutting rigid structures like asphalt. Compared to gas-powered, hydraulic saws have less maintenance.
  • Electric saws are lightweight machinery, simple to use, and less noisy. Still, it requires power to operate it efficiently—other disadvantages including potential hazards that may occur, limited to concrete cutting methods, and less portable.
  • Pneumatic saws – also known as air saws, its unique versatility uses air compressor power to produce pneumatic motion to move blades back and forth.

There are different types of methods typically used in concrete sawing:

  • Diamond sawing
  • Concrete wall sawing
  • Concrete floor sawing
  • Concrete asphalt sawing
  • Wire sawing
  • Dry sawing
  • Wet sawing
  • Ring and chainsawing

What are the basic concrete sawing and core drilling processes in demolition works?

  • Mark the targeted areas to cut in concrete materials.
  • Specify the right concrete cutting equipment.
  • Keep the marked area untouched during the cutting process.
  • Cut concrete materials in the correct depth.
  • Set up the appropriate RPMs of the equipment.
  • Be aware of how the concretes behave.
  • Determine the thickness of the structures.
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Concrete sawing and core drilling services in Canada

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