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Concrete Cutting Using Electric Slab Saw Safely and Efficiently

An electric slab saw, or an electric concrete cutting saw, is one of the most common equipment used in construction and demolition works. It has sharp blades perfect for cutting concrete such as thick woods, steel, metals, concrete slab, and other thick-sized concrete elements. For instance, using this equipment requires thorough concentration to avoid accidents and injuries.

  • How do you use an electric concrete cutting saw?
  • Can you cut the concrete slab with an electric saw?
  • How do you cut a concrete slab using an electric slab saw cleanly?

Here are the top questions that need straightforward answers. Cutting concrete using an electric slab saw in construction and demolition works can be risk-taking. Marco Demolition will give you several useful tips on how to use them safely and efficiently.

Tips on how to use electric slab saw safely and efficiently

1. Wearing personal protective equipment (PPEs) before cutting concrete

Before you start concrete cutting, make sure you wear a face shield, safety gloves, safety eyeglass, or any required PPEs. It is one of the safety measures implemented by local authorities. Wearing PPEs will protect your eyes, nose, and other exposed body parts from the waste by-products produced in concrete cutting works.

2. Choosing the best blade for electric concrete cutting saw in slab

Usually, the slab concrete measures with a thickness of 4-5 inches. You can use a circular-shaped blade or a diamond blade saw. For cutting concretes, soft-bonded blades are best to attach in an electrical saw. On the other hand, the hard-bonded saw is suitable for asphalt. It is better to ask for recommendations in picking the right blades from the manufacturers or experts.

3. Using GCFI-protected extension cords for electric slab saw

To prevent such inconvenience and injuries, it is highly advisable to use GCFI-protected extension cords while cutting the concrete slabs. It is, keeping you safe from electric shocks, overheats, overloads, and power surges as well.

4. Specifying the targeted spot in concrete to cut

It’s the golden rule of thumb in any construction and demolition works. Before cutting the concrete structures, you must specify first the targeted spot for a clear and straight cut. Once you determine which area to cut, draw lines using bold markers like chalks or crayons. Alternatively, you can use visible marking tapes or guide boards as well.

5. Applying appropriate speed and force in cutting concretes

Avoid thrusting movement while on a cutting process to prevent unpleasant incidents. Let the electric slab saw equipment do the work. You need to guide the direction of targeted spots and control the position or force. Set the revolution per minute (rpm) at the appropriate speed to avoid overheating.

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Tips on how to use electric slab saw safely and efficiently I Marco Demolition team in work site

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