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5 Common Methods Used in Demolition Projects

Demolition works vary in different methods, and types depending on how big or small the deconstruction target. Moreover, the tools and equipment will also be based on the size of the project.

When you plan to start a new commercial or industrial reconstruction project, you must determine.  First what kind of demolition method to imply. Choosing the inappropriate method will lead you to unsuccessful results. We encourage you to read this blog to guide you in figuring out the different methods that are commonly used by demolition contractors.

5 Different types of methods used in demolition projects

1. Explosive demolition method

This highly specialized type of demolition works mostly with the usage of explosives.  To bring down the large infrastructures. It involves undermining explosives (dynamite or nitroglycerin) on structural supports to make it collapse by itself.

2. Dismantling or deconstruction method

Another type of demolition works is dismantling the structural features of the building. Its purpose to preserve the components is subject to reuse, recycle, and refurbish the remaining structures. This method is more labor-intensive compared to other demolition methods.

3. Interior demolition method

Interior demolition involves breaking down structures inside the building or place. It aims to preserve and maintain the exterior structures. It can be done by using the DIY approach and commonly performed in home renovation projects for real estate purposes.

4. Selective demolition method

This type of demolition works involves the selection of specific exterior or interior structures. This is used for a building or infrastructure. To protect and maintain the remaining features. It is often associated with using hydraulic machinery to demolish limited parts of structures such as bricks, wood steels, and so on.

5. Total demolition method

The most common demolition works done in community reconstruction projects. For example, an abandoned house must be demolished to start a new commercial building. In a total demolition method, different equipment is used. Such cranes, wrecking balls, hydraulic machinery can also be used to break down steel and concrete structures.

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Wrapping it up

Demolition projects can be done in five ways. They are explosive, dismantling or deconstruction, interior, selective, and total demolition method. It can be applied depending on the size of the infrastructure. Collaboration with skilled demolition contractors will guide you.  What method will be suitable for your reconstruction needs?

Start a safe demolition works now

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